Empowering Women Through Self-Defense Scenario Training

We teach reality based self-defense to females of all ages through live instructor training.

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Training for Real-Life Situations

Unique training scenarios developed by a former police officer

Through relentless advocacy we empower females/those who identify as females by teaching reality based self-defense to prevent and survive, Abduction, Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Robbery. The system, “Personal Combatives,” was developed in 1990 by former police officer and self-defense expert Charles Smith.

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“Charles Smith is the perfect role model for what the public needs in a police officer. Bravery, skill and a big heart.  I have commended him several times including the arrest of a murder suspect.”
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Ohio Congresswoman

“I highly recommend Charles Smith.”
Special Agent, Joe Lasorsa, United States Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail

“I have taken his training and can tell you without reservation Charles Smith is the best at what he does."
Special Agent, Sue Hessleman, FBI

“I travelled from Chicago to Cleveland to train under Charles Smith. His training is outstanding”
Jacqie Brown, Chicago Police

“Charles Smith received a commendation from me for saving the life of a young lady. He risked his own life.”
Jane Campell, Former mayor of Cleveland & Ohio House of Representatives

“Charles Smith teaches an amazing system of self-defense that every women should take.”
Danielle Soloman

Empowering Females to Protect Themselves

Females of all ages will learn in a positive environment and will leave empowered to protect themselves


Experienced Trainers

Instructors will have a strong background in law enforcement and self-defense.


Weapons Defense

Training will include the use of Pepper Spray and other weapons allowed by law.


Live Classes

Training will take place at our center where common scenarios are set up.

A Not-For-Profit Organization

Dedicated to teaching females/those who identify as female of all ages in the Greater Cleveland [All Northeast Ohio] area real world self-defense.

This nonprofit has been started with thousands of dollars in seed capital invested by board members. This money has been used for legal fees and website. It is our goal to raise funds through donations to purchase a property for training rather than renting. We are a 501[C] 3 tax exempted non-profit organization approved by the IRS to accept donations. We are registered with the Ohio Attorney General and incorporated in Ohio.

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95% of funds raised go towards training programs

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