Goals & Initiatives

Educating Free of Charge

Our mission is make a huge impact for women in need of realistic self-defense training.

Retail Front Property Purchase

We plan to raise funds to purchase a small retail store front property. This property will cost around $200,000.00 with renovation. This will be outfitted with rooms specifically designed to replicate common attack scenarios. We feel it is better to purchase rather than rent. Owning the property will build a very solid foundation for the Non-Profit.

Creating Equipment & Videos

We plan to buy all training equipment such as a padded protection suit, striking dummies etc. We also plan to create training videos to be disbursed to agencies for females to learn subjects that don’t require in person instruction. Said videos will also be sold commercially to raise additional funds for the Non-Profit.

Support Real-World Self-Defense

95% of funds raised go towards training programs

Live Classes | Real Scenarios | Positive Empowerment

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