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Most Women's Self-Defense Training
Doesn't Work in the Real World

There are many who say women’s self-defense is learned better in an exclusively women-only environment. The so-called "experts" say it is less intimidating if women don't have to compete with the men, or it is easier (more comfortable) to discuss subjects like rape without men present. So the new trend in self-defense programs is "Women’s Self Defense" classes.

Women Need Real-World Skills

Overwhelming evidence suggests that standard defense classes are offering the wrong approach

Why should there be competition in a self-defense class? Is there supposed to be a winner? And why is the discussion of rape only allowed by women? Isn't that part of the problem? The overwhelming evidence suggests that this is the wrong approach.

The real shame is when someone is really attacked, and after repeated attempts, can't make their women's self-defense techniques work. At that point, they simply give up, and won't fight back no matter what.


Scenario Training is The Right Answer

What works, as proved by the results of Charles Smith’s “Personal Combatives” testing is "scenario training."

Scenario training consists of learning techniques, rehearsing them in realistic scenarios, and then visualizing these actions in your mind. It is a method used in many fields, from sports to law enforcement, military to medicine, and must be incorporated into women’s self-defense. This is where “Personal Combatives” developed by Mr. Smith comes in.


What Is Scenario Training?

Scenario training is a way of planning our immediate defense responses.

We do something similar every day in our regular lives. We plan what to say if the boss criticizes a report we've submitted or how to appease our spouse if we've done something irritating. Often, we rehearse the words we'll use, we do it constantly. It doesn't always get us what we want, but it gives us a better chance.

Face-to-face with violence, your first split-second problem is not what is he going to do, but, "what are you going to do?" Scenario training against violence answers that question at the right time ... before it happens. You can make mistakes and learn from them before it becomes a life or death situation! In women's self-defense, scenario training to survive violent crime draws on real-life crime cases, which allows us to analyze our own mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others, learn from them, and decide how we will respond differently.

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