What We Do

Reality-Based Self-Defense

The Cleveland Female Anti-Violence Initiative Inc. teaches reality based self-defense to females of all ages. Through live classes women are instructed on awareness and how to avoid dangerous situations.

Protection from All Types of Situations

Students are instructed based on real-world scenarios how to defend themselves against Assault, Abduction, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Robbery, and Human Trafficking. Students are instructed to rely on gross motor skills and how to function when in fear and under adrenaline. Expert instruction will be given on how to defeat attacks with weapons.

Instruction will also be given on how to deal with the Mentally Ill, Emotionally Disturbed and Substance Abusers.

'Fight Room' Training

Training will take place at our center which will include “Fight Rooms” where common scenarios are set up.

Females of all ages will learn in a positive environment and will leave empowered to protect themselves. Instructors will have a strong background in law enforcement and self-defense. Training will include the use of Pepper Spray and other weapons allowed by law. This training and self-defense products will be free of charge. The training will be taught by the Chief Instructor and Executive Director, Charles Smith and assisted by industry experts. Charles Smith will be assisted in operating the Non-Profit by other experienced Board Members including David Randall, PHD.

A Non-Profit Organization

This nonprofit has been started with thousands of dollars in seed capital invested by board members. This money has been used for legal fees and website. It is our goal to raise funds through donations to purchase a property for training rather than renting.

  • Fosters a positive learning environment
  • Instructors have a strong law-enforcement background
  • Training and self-defense provided free of charge

Support Real-World Self-Defense

95% of funds raised go towards training programs

Live Classes | Real Scenarios | Positive Empowerment

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